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Quad Professional Roller Skate

“Experience unparalleled skating with our high-quality skates, offering customized OEM and ODM designs, ergonomic comfort, and superior durability for an unmatched skating journey.”


Elevate your brand with our customizable roller skates, expertly crafted for performance and style:

  1. Customizable Branding: As a roller skates factory, we specialize in personalizing skates with your logo, offering a unique branding opportunity that distinguishes your product in the market.
  2. High-Grade Microfiber Leather: Our skates feature a superior microfiber leather upper, skillfully balancing durability with breathability for unparalleled comfort and longevity.
  3. Full-Wrap Design: Engineered for maximum protection, our comprehensive wrap design offers outstanding compression resistance, guarding against side slips and twists, and ensuring feet stay safe.
  4. Ergonomic Excellence: Shaped by ergonomics, these skates guarantee a fit that’s naturally attuned to the contours and movements of your feet.
  5. Innovatively Strong Outsole: The new outsole, with its elegant arc, provides strength and durability, supporting and enhancing your skating prowess.
  6. 360-Degree Stitching: The soles feature a full 360-degree stitching pattern, blending resilience with aesthetic elegance.
  7. Electroplated Nylon Base: Our environmentally-friendly base offers remarkable pressure resistance and superior shock absorption, for a smoother skate.
  8. Lightweight and Strong: Our skate base outperforms traditional models, offering a lightweight yet robust structure for effortless skating.
  9. Custom Advanced PU Shock Absorbers: Custom PU shock absorbers ensure exceptional shock absorption, for a comfortably smooth skate.
  10. High-Performance Wheels: Equipped with ultra-fast ABS 58*32mm wheels, designed for high endurance and an 88A hardness rating, expect rapid speed, robust grip, and uplifted skating performance.
  11. Adjustable High-Quality Rubber Brakes: With premium rubber adjustable brake heads, complete with a locking feature, these skates easily adapt to varied skating demands.

Our skates are not just a product; they’re an extension of your brand, promising an unmatched skating journey for both beginners and seasoned skaters. Experience the difference with our customizable, performance-driven roller skates.

Feature Description
OEM and ODM Customization We offer high-standard OEM and ODM services to tailor our skates to your market needs, ensuring a unique and competitive product offering.
Microfiber Leather Upper Superior durability and breathability for comfort and longevity.
Full-Wrap Design Maximum protection with compression resistance, preventing side slips and twists.
Ergonomic Design Comfortable fit, attuned to foot contours and movement.
Strong Outsole New, elegant arc design for enhanced strength and durability.
360-Degree Stitching Resilient and aesthetically pleasing sole design.
Electroplated Nylon Plate Environmentally friendly, pressure-resistant, and shock-absorbent.
Lightweight and Robust Plate Superior to traditional die-cast aluminum, offering ease in skating.
Advanced PU Shock Absorbers Custom shock absorption for a smooth and comfortable experience.
High-Performance Wheels Ultra-fast ABS 58*32mm wheels with 88A hardness for speed and grip.
Adjustable Rubber Brakes High-quality, adaptable brakes with a locking feature for various skating needs.

This revised table conveys your capacity to provide customized roller skates through OEM and ODM services, enhancing the appeal of your products for different market segments.




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