About us

About Us

Dongguan Tiger Win Co., Ltd. stands as the foremost manufacturer of premium Chinese skating equipment, catering to the middle to high-end market segments. At the core of our operations lie innovation and prompt supply, embodying our core values. Leveraging unique designs and continuously evolving manufacturing technologies, we consistently meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

Our dedicated sales, manufacturing, and quality control teams are poised to deliver exceptional service to each client, adhering to the highest standards.

While our specialization lies in roller skates, ice skates, skateboards, and scooters, we possess the capability to manufacture or source a diverse array of products in China. Expect superior quality, competitive pricing, and timely delivery to enhance your brand's presence in the Chinese market.

Our primary focus is original equipment manufacturing (OEM) for numerous international skate brands, complemented by our marketing services in the domestic arena.

For those contemplating entry into the Chinese market, our extensive marketing channels can facilitate brand exposure and growth.

We eagerly anticipate forging not only robust business partnerships but also enduring friendships in China.

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