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Adult Freestyle Urban Skate

This is the perfect new inline skate for the intermediate skater. Offering a molded lateral support system and a quick dry liner, these inline skates provide superior support and comfort. The micro-fit adjustment buckles will help you achieve the perfect fit, while the bearings give you a smoother stride that will improve speed and acceleration. These all black skates give off an urban vibe and will have you skating into your next adventure.


Introducing the Pro Black 80 Inline Skates – a perfect blend of style, performance, and affordability for both new and seasoned skaters. Here’s a detailed look at what makes these skates a must-have:

Versatile Appeal: Whether you’re a beginner exploring the world of inline skating or a regular skater seeking a trustworthy, budget-friendly pair, the Pro Black 80 is designed to impress.

Robust and Stylish Boot: The skate features a hard boot with a timeless design, combining style with a supportive cuff to enhance stability.

Innovative Closure System: It boasts a unique closure system, merging traditional lacing with a 45-degree ratchet buckle and a strong cuff buckle, a luxury usually found in high-end skates.

Elite Aluminum Frame: The boot is integrated with a precision-crafted ELITE aluminum frame, ensuring a low center of gravity for better stability, reduced vibrations, and efficient power transfer in every stride.

High-Quality Wheels and Bearings: Equipped with 80mm/86A wheels and top-notch ABEC 7 bearings, these skates offer a smooth, agile, and cost-effective experience, ideal for urban skating.

Comfort-Focused Design: The cozy liner, accommodating dual sizes, ensures extended comfort during prolonged skating sessions.

Adaptable Brake System: Brake compatibility allows for easy customization based on the skater’s preference.


  • Boot: Hardboot with a comfortable liner.
  • Frame: Aluminum; sizes 37-42 with a 9.6″ (243mm) frame, and 43-47 with a 10.8″ (275mm) frame; supports 4x80mm wheels.
  • Wheel: 80mm/90mm, 86A; High Rebound, Cruising Comfort.
  • Bearing: ABEC 7 with chrome steel balls and carbon steel raceways.
  • Brake: Option available for addition.

For skaters seeking a quality, feature-rich inline skate that doesn’t break the bank, the Pro Black 80 is the unparalleled choice, merging quality, affordability, and a rich array of features into one exceptional package.

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